James Lawson’s New Library

Learn about the new library at James Lawson High School


Russell Lane

As Hillwood becomes James Lawson, big changes are coming for our library. 

“I’m very excited for the new library and it’s going to be a big difference for the new school,” librarian Lane Russell said. 

The new library will have two floors. The first floor will be for teaching space and the second floor will be the actual library. 

“It has a big space, but it also has a lot of hiding holes. No food, drinks, or even lunches will be allowed in the new library,” librarian Natalia Fallon said. 

It’s a place to do quiet work and also chill with your friends or to visit if you’re just not having a good day.

“The [Hillwood] library is smaller, but it’s comfortable, and we usually have the freedom to work and study,” said senior Chanel Nieto.

The Lawson library is going to make a difference to the new school and community. It will be a much nicer place where people can spread out and do their own thing. 

“It’s going to have a great view to look at even while you’re doing your class work and even studying,”  Kolter Hughes said.