Hillwood Staff Spanish Classes

Future Spanish classes to all Hillwood Staff

There has been recent news of Spanish classes being brought to Hillwood. The program welcomes all Hillwood staff to be involved. Spanish classes officially started last week, meeting every Wednesday after school in the library.

“Learning a new language isn’t only about communication, though, it’s also builds community,” Community Achieves Site Manager Jeremy Quinonez said.

 Quinonez will be in charge of ensuring the program runs smoothly and cheering on the class. He will not be teaching these classes, though, as Voces of Nashville will be providing resources and materials. Voces of Nashville’s mission is to help in uniting cultures.

“[My hope is that these classes] will develop empathy and compassion for our growing Spanish-speaking community at Hillwood,” Quinonez said.

This program was brought to Hillwood in hopes that teachers will open up in relearning or learning a second language.

“This has been a dream of mine since I started working at Hillwood over two years ago,”  Quinonez said.

One of our Hillwood English teachers, Ms. Huff, is taking the Spanish classes.

“I felt like this class being specifically for teachers at Hillwood would not only give me a refresher on Spanish but also make it a focused approach for communication with Hillwood students and families. This is a part of teaching that is paramount to student success,” Huff said.

These Spanish classes will be beneficial to our school as a tool that will help both the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities communicate together.

“It’s important that we not only expect our own students to master the English language, but that we also put our best foot forward by attempting to learn theirs,” Quinonez said.