The “Kindness Matters” Anti-Bullying Campaign


The Anti-Bullying campaign is a fairly new campaign that’s been brought to Hillwood. The campaign is a part of Public Justice, a nonprofit legal organization. Public Justice wants to help all people who might be dealing with toxic people damaging their life.

With this campaign, they are hoping to being students together and support their school to help control how many people who get build get turned down. Luckily our school counselors have brought this program and are responsible for the campaign to go smoothly.

The campaign had started in hopes to hold schools accountable for their students getting build. They are ensuring that laws are being put down to ensure that future cases don’t occur, and present ones don’t go blind.

From the Public Justice website: “Public Justice’s Anti-Bullying Campaign also serves as a resource for families with children who are being bullied at school and plaintiffs’ attorneys representing bullying victims.”

“As of right now, students have been making posters and videos for the campaign,” said Mrs. Wilson-Harming.

One of their most recent projects happened last month, in which Hillwood students went and painted our school bathrooms to cover up all the drawings and words. They also formed the “Kindness Matters” slogan. Since then, they keep a stack of blank cards which Hillwood students and teachers can send to one another to spread kindness. 

Students that want to be in the campaign can go to the counselors’ office and ask for more information.  The “Kindness Matters” Campaign will allow all our future Lawson students to be successful in every class and have good mental health.


Anti-Bullying Campaign | Public Justice