HOSA Mental Health Platform

HOSA Mental Health Platform

This year for HOSA, there is a new competition being opened up: Mental Health Promotion. This new event for 2022-2023 was created to make a positive impact on HOSA members and community. 

“The sole purpose of this platform is to build the understanding that mental health IS health and should be taken care of equally as physical health,” senior Jeanette Roberts said.

A group of senior Hillwood students will be creating a mental health platform in the form of an Instagram page to promote mental health and resources. 

“I chose to do this competition because mental health is important. Everyone goes through their own mental health issues, and it only takes one person to make a difference,” senior Jeff Madrid said. 

The students have worked hard on their Instagram page which includes student interviews, counselor interviews, and motivational posts. We encourage Hillwood students to follow the page and to not be afraid of reaching out.

Click here to visit the Instagram page!

“I’m very excited for HOSA. It’s a privilege that I’m able to go out and compete with other students, I’m able to see their views and learn from them. I think HOSA is a great opportunity,” Madrid said.

Many teenagers struggle with mental health and don’t know how to ask for help sometimes. For this competition, the students took a certification to not only learn how to help a friend struggling with mental health, but to help themselves too.

“When taking the BeThere certification, I learned a lot of valuable help for mental health that I will be able to use with friends and family,” said Roberts.