The Topper Times Updates

This year the Topper Times has gone digital in the name of saving paper and reaching a broader audience in the Hillwood Community.
The goal is to have the website up and ready to read by October 4th. Journalism teacher Ms. Daniels is hoping that the website will be at the center of students’ minds when they think of Hillwood News.
“I hope that the community will find it easier to access and share student work,” Ms. Daniels said.
Writers may have some differing ideas when it comes to the thoughts and opinions of our fellow students.
Writers new to the Topper Times journalism class like Jaydaly Gillihan think that it’s a great idea in the fact that “More people will read it because everything is online now.”
But people returning to the journalism class disagree.
“When you have to use word of mouth to spread a new source of news, it will be slow to build a following.” journalist Brooklyn Cartwright said, “Because they want what’s familiar”.
Ms. Daniels explained, “The plan is to have a paper come out once a semester with many pages. . . Like a highlight reel. But the updated news will be online”.
It can be an issue trying to please all audiences whether it be by content or by source, but we here at the Topper Times will try our best to bring you factual and interesting news with a Topper Touch any way we can.