Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Experience the wonder and whimsy of Wonderland, as presented to us by Hillwood dancers December 8th, and 9th in the Hillwood auditorium. 

Mrs. Burlingame, Hillwood’s resident dance instructor, will be doing her third ever showing of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Featuring the music of Queen.’ What is special about this showing is that it will feature not only Hillwood dancers, but dancers in the ‘MNPS Dance Experience’, which is a program also run by Mrs. Burlingame and sponsored by MNPS which offers free dance classes for middle and high school age kids in the community.

Mrs. Burlingame says it is a collaborative effort using “a little student input and inspiration of ideas from past shows.”

The show is going to be a trip for the mind using colors and different genres of dance accompanied by the music of Queen to express Alice’s journey through Wonderland.

In five words, Mrs. Burlingame would describe her show as “Abstract, Colorful, Curious, and Musical” showcasing a “World-of-dance”

The dancers hope to show us that they’ve been putting in time and effort to give us entertainment and showcase their talents, in a collaborative effort using the story to display character diversity.

Admission will be five dollars at the door and donations will be accepted.

Come out support and enjoy the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!